Le tardif guide d’achat VR du Père Noël pour l’ingénieur numérique

(A nos lecteurs francophones : ce blog est une traduction / réécriture d’un post en anglais publié précédemment. Il a été créé pour rendre service à nos lecteurs de langue française.) (To our English-speaking readers: This blog post is a translation / rewrite of an earlier blog post in English.  It has been created as… Read More

Santa’s (Belated) VR Christmas Gift Guide, for the Serious CAE Professional

I must admit I stole the title of this blog post from Steven Rosenbaum, in a Forbes’ tech article, see http://www.forbes.com/sites/stevenrosenbaum/2016/11/29/santas-vr-christmas-gift-guide/. Though his article is about consumer VR, I think he is in full alignment with most CAE industry analysts when he makes the observation that “various [technology] prognosticators have proclaimed that 2016 will be… Read More

The future of reporting CFD and FEA simulation results in engineering organizations, a perspective from the trenches

Some days ago, we released Ceetron Report Component (CRC), a tool for ISVs who create end user software for the CAE community. CRC’s goal is simple; it lets end users create engineering reports directly in the formats of MS Word or MS PowerPoint. But the need for such a tool illuminates some interesting trends in… Read More